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Control Room 021 592 2295


We are able to monitor all types of emergency signals such as panic and alarm signals from your security system.  In addition we are also capable of monitoring open and closing signals, AC failure & AC restore signals, battery low signals and other customer specific signals.

We are able to send you SMS notifications on all the signals that we receive from your alarm system

We are able to monitor signals via GSM radio network and land line.

Our control centre is in constant 24/7 contact with the armed response units in our various areas of operation via radio, and these units are dispatched by qualified control centre operators.

Form the control centre we also monitor the armed response units on a 24/7 basis, to ensure that the closest available unit is dispatched to emergency calls received.


Already have a security system in your home?

GOODWOOD ARMED PATROLS  can monitor 99% of alarms systems, regardless of who installed it. Our trained technicians simply   reprogram your existing system to report to our control room.


Remember to test your alarm system with our control centre at least once a month by contacting our control centre on 021 592 2295 before testing.

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