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Commuter robbed at gunpoint

Commuter robbed at gunpoint

Yesterday one of our Patrollers was called to assist a commuter who was allegedly robbed at gunpoint at Monte Vista Station. He radioed through that the suspect was running down the railway line towards N1 City. Five Patrollers responded immediately and dispersed to strategic points to position themselves to try and pinpoint his location.

Now this is where the amazing teamwork of Tygerdal and Glenwood Neighbourhood Watch and GAP shows just how well a well-trained cohesive unit operates.

With GAP we kept tabs on the suspect as he crossed over the bridge at Monte Vista, under the fence behind Value Centre, across the railway line, crossing the busy N1 to the centre where he realised that he is now being flanked by quite a few people. That’s where he tossed the laptop bag that he stole and then ran all the way to Giel Basson trying to shake us. A patroller stood on top of the bridge and gave his location to District Watch who went under the bridge to try and get to him. Unfortunately that is where he lost us.

Now as frustrating as what that was to lose him after nearly 35 minutes of pursuit, the good thing is that we could give the stolen goods back to a very grateful young man who couldn’t stop smiling. We escorted him to the Police Station where GAP handed in the laptop bag to the police.

We want to thank GAP for guiding and helping us during our pursuit of the suspect. Huge thanks to District Watch for coming to help us at Giel Basson showing once again how important it is to work closely together with every single rolepayer in our community.

To the criminals out there… be warned – we are getting more and more organised and your reign of terror on our communities are going to come to an end.


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