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Monte Vista railway lines

Monte Vista railway lines

9 March 2018 @ about 3:35am two of our patrollers spotted suspicious movement along Monte Vista railway lines. They called Goodwood Armed patrols for assistance and monitored the suspects for a while until it became apparent that their suspicious behaviour became reason for further investigation. Thanks to great teamwork 2 suspects were arrested for possession of cable theft implements as well as narcotics.

Well done patrollers Eugene and Reza for their vigilance and chasing down two suspected cable thieves this morning. We are thankful for your dedication and service and need more successes like these to show the criminals that this community is NOT theirs for the taking. Respect and thanks always to GAP for giving valuable backup and assistance to our patrollers when they are out in the field. We are effective only when we have good Patrollers, vigilant Neighbours and excellent backup from AR companies.

In Unity there us Strength

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